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Formative Assessments

Each group's presentation will be graded using the rubric provided when they present.








Graphical Representation

Does not include graphics or graphics are unrelated to the content

Includes graphics that rarely support text and presentation. Eye Contact is minimal

Graphics relate to text and presentation. Lots of eye contact. Clear and concise speech

Graphics explain and reinforce screen text and presentation. Eye contact is consistent. Speech is concise and clear.



The student either has no conclusions are not related to the evidence provided in the presentation

Conclusions are very poorly related to the evidence provided in the presentation

The student uses some data, prior knowledge, research, and experience to draw conclusions but ignores other evidence introduced during the presentation

The student uses all available data and his prior knowledge and experience to draw conclusions. If appropriate, student includes discussion of conflicting evidence.


Content Knowledge

Student does not have grasp of information. Many statements incorrect and unsupported

Student  is uncomfortable with information, leaves out important details or presents inaccurate information

Student is at ease with topic and presents accurate information

Student demonstrates full grasp of the topic, presenting complete and accurate information.



Presentation is put together with little effort  and try.

Presentation is visual appealing to the audience

Presentation includes visuals to help explain the student's solution

Presentation has visuals that improves the explanation of the solution


Participation:   ____/5

Groupwork:      ____/5

Presentation:    ____/16

Presenting:      ____/5

Overall grade:  ____/31