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Needs Analysis

The needs of the 33 fifth grade students are all different and unique. The new Common Core standards ask for students to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers. The new standards also ask students to apply their knowledge and skills to daily life tasks and problems. This unit will help students strengthen their ability to model with mathematics, construct viable arguments, and critique the reasoning of others. To determine the level of understanding each student is at, a pre-assessment will be given at the beginning of the unit about the conditions of other planets and Olympics.

Information will be presented to students through various mediums such as visual aids, online presentations, videos, etc. To meet the needs of students who have auditory impairments, students will be given hands-outs of notes or slides. To meet the needs of students who have visual impairments, students will be given enlarge handouts to meet their needs. Students that have IEPs will all be accommodated to fit their needs accordingly. Based on the needs of the class, it will be structured in a student-directed learning style. Students will participate in group and individual discussions to expand on their ability to critique and reason abstractly. The pacing of the unit will allow for extra time and practice as needed.

Students are not exposed to this much use of technology during a unit. This unit will provide students with numerous opportunities to use Google Classroom, YouTube, Movie Maker, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. Students will be given due dates and assignment information through Google Classroom. This unit will require students to research and present their findings throughout various mediums as they choose.