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Target Population

Miguel Hidalgo Elementary School is located in Brawley, California and is situated in the Imperial Valley. Miguel Hidalgo Elementary School is one of four elementary schools within the Brawley Elementary School District. This is the first year that the elementary schools changed to a neighborhood school setting and now house grades Transitional Kinder (TK) to sixth grade and two Special Day Classes. The school’s special education program consists of Special Day Classes and Resource Specialist Program (RSP). There is one Principal and one Vice Principal with 26 classroom teachers, one health assistant, one Intervention teacher, one RSP teacher, a district psychologist, a counselor, and a speech pathologist. At Miguel Hidalgo, there are Title 1, Migrant, English Learners, and Gifted and Talented Education students. There were 610 students enrolled at Miguel Hidalgo Elementary School in the 2015-2016 school year. The student demographics consists of 94% of students are Hispanic, 4% of the students are White, 1% of the students are African American, and 1% of the students are Filipino.

Richard Styner
Figure 1: Student Demographics

The target class is a fifth grade class that has 33 students, 18 girls and 15 boys. Out of the 33 students, there are 14 English learners who range from Beginners to Advanced. There were two students who did not speak English at all, but now can read sight words. Four of the 14 English learner students were reclassified to fluent English proficient (RFEP). Out of the 33 students, there are five students who receive RSP services in language arts and math twice a day. There is only one student on a 504 plan. Five of the 33 students are considered Migrant students and two students are Gifted and Talented.