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Curriculum Writing: The Olympics in Space

As a curriculum writer I need to write quality curriculum that will both promote learning and meet the standards. For this project I wrote a curriculum for 5th graders at a diverse California Elemntary School which used various technologies to take them into abstract thinking of what conditions are like on other planets.

The vehicle for this curriculum is to look at the performance of athletes in the olympics here on earth in various sports, and compare that to where things like gravity, temperature and atmosphere would be quite different. The students will assort into groups and prepare a presentation of their findings.

I chose an UDL, or Universal Design for Learning which complement the presentation outcome to open questions using technological tools.

Part 1 Background

Target Population
Needs Analysis
Broad Curriculum Goals
Specific Curriculum Objectives
Instructional Objectives

Part 2 The Lesson Plans

Instructional Strategies
Lesson Plans
Formative Assessment and Rubric
Evaluation of Learning and Curriculum